Transistor: The Elevator Pitch

Much like I did with Mail Order Bride and Scatter, I want to share as much about my latest novel with you, so here is the back cover blurb I wrote for for Transistor, which is a fluffy, angsty lesbian superhero romance with a Trans protagonist.

Keep in mind that the book is still in development, and this is far from finished copy, but it will hopefully give you guys an idea of what to expect when the book actually gets published.

When Naomi Woodward’s doctor recommended her for a clinical trial, it seemed like the answer to her prayers. She was finally able to get her gender confirmation surgery and the surgery was a resounding success. She finally looked and felt like the woman she always knew she was.

Her new face and new body finally helped her work up the nerve to ask out Anika, the beautiful nurse that lived across the hall. To her delight Anika said yes, but when they are attacked during their date, Naomi quickly discovers that the experimental procedure she went through had some unexpected side effects, and that when Anika told her things with her family were complicated, she really should have listened.

Now, armed with superpowers she barely understands, a snarky artificial intelligence in her head, and allies that include a Superhero, a Dragon, and the literal Devil, she has to keep Anika safe from the archangel who’s out to kill her while they work desperately to prevent a second civil war in heaven.