Heart of Heroes

Hearts of Heroes is an ongoing series focusing on the origins, relationships and adventures of extraordinary queer characters in a world filled with superheroes, supervillains, aliens, cops, criminals, angels, demons, dragons and other creatures from myth and legend.

Scatter Book Cover
Transistor: Hearts of Heroes 2 Cover
Aether: Hearts of Heroes 3 Placeholder Cover

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The War of Souls Trilogy

The War of Souls is a science fiction trilogy about an millenia old alien civil war that’s spilled over onto Earth.  As both sides struggle for the upper hand, an alien assassin and a human detective have to navigate cultural differences and their own increasingly confusing feelings for each other as they work together to try and stop the war from destroying Earth.

The Master of Puppets eBook Cover

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Stand Alone Novels

Mail Order Bride Book Cover
Blood of the Basilisk eBook Cover

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