Rhapsody: Hearts of Heroes 4

Rhapsody: Hearts of Heroes 4 eBook Cover

Megan Harwood never wanted to be a hero. She just wanted to indulge the two great loves of her life, woodworking and music, and for the last few years, she’s done just that running a small guitar making business in Sun City Florida with her dad’s help. But when Megan refuses to sell her shop, she ends up on the hit list of the Unitarium, an organized crime syndicate made of up supervillains and their minions.

After being grabbed off the street and used as a test subject in one of their experiments, Megan begins hearing a woman’s voice in her head. A voice that turns out to be Eurion, the beautiful woman Megan has had a crush on for the past year. A woman who also claims to be an ancient red dragon. With Eurion’s guidance, Megan is able to escape from the Unitarium’s clutches, and in the process, she discovers that they have infiltrated the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

Before Megan can decide who to trust, she finds herself framed for Eurion’s murder, putting her squarely in the crosshairs of some of the world’s most powerful Superheroes. Frightened, alone, with only the voice in her head for guidance, Megan has to find a way to rescue Eurion and clear her name, before Eurion’s friends hunt her down.

Cover art by Jeanette Eileen Widjaja

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Rhapsody: Hearts of Heroes 4
Coming 7/15/24 from Desert Palm Press
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