Paladins of the Republic

Paladins of the Republic is an old fashioned space opera set tens of thousands of years in the future, at a time when humanity has spread out across the galaxy in a fast republic. All is not well, however. The republic is built on a ridgid and unjust cast system, filled with corruption, infighting, and injustic. The Paladins, an ancient order of warrior monks given the ability to see the future and manipulate the very fabric of reality through special cybernetic implants are charged with keeping peace and order throughout the republic, but even they might not be free of the corruption that grows everywhere

The Inevitable Singularity

Placeholder Cover for The Inevitable Singularity

When Caila is sent to mediate a dispute on the planet Ptolemy, her bodyguard Sean goes with her, but it quickly becomes clear something more is going on. With few allies, and only imperfect visions of the future to guide them, they work to prevent a disaster, but as they do, Sean receives a warning that will have to choose between saving Caila or letting the entire Galaxy burn.

Coming November 15th from Desert Palm Press

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