The War of Souls

The War of Souls is a science fiction trilogy about an millenia old alien civil war that’s spilled over onto Earth.  As both sides struggle for the upper hand, an alien assassin and a human detective have to navigate cultural differences and their own increasingly confusing feelings for each other as they work together to try and stop the war from destroying Earth.

The Master of Puppets: The War of Souls 1

The Master of Puppets eBook Cover

Jakari is an alien assassin on Earth to stop an old enemy from turning humanity into mindless cannon fodder in an endless war.  Hiyaki is a Dallas Police Detective trying to solve a series of kidnappings.  When their paths cross during the middle of a sting operation, both of their jobs get harder but together, they might be able to end a war that has raged for thousands of years.

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The Soulless God: The War of Souls 2

Coming in 2023

The Mad Kings: The War of Souls 3

Coming in 2024