The Inevitable Singularity

The cover for The Inevitable Singularity by Molly J. Bragg. The cover features a blue nebula like background with bright clusters of light connected by curving tendrils of dimmer light resembling a neural network. In the foreground there are four women. On the left, there is a woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a martial arts uniform and holding a sword, in the middle there is a woman with red hair and a futuristic rifle wearing blue sci-fi armor, on the right there is a South East Asian woman holding a sword wearing a martial arts uniform. Behind the woman with the rifle, the fourth women is floating in the air, with her arms out to her side. She has long white hair in a braid, red skin, silver eyes, and a scar across her face.

Sean is a mercenary who works as the bodyguard of Grand Master Caila of the Order of the Paladins of the Republic. A fact that the entire Order, except for Caila herself, resents deeply since they kicked Sean out almost twenty years earlier. It doesn’t help matters that Caila has taken a vow of Celibacy, but everyone knows that she and Sean have feelings for each other.

Sean’s presence is only tolerated because Caila is the official Seer of the Paladin Order. While all Paladins can see the future to a limited extent, Caila’s gift with foresight exceeds even the head of the order.

But when a mine destroys Caila’s ship just as they arrive in the Ptolemy system to settle a dispute over a hyperspace route, it quickly becomes clear that someone doesn’t want their mission to succeed.

With only Reagan, a Paladin with a personal grudge against Sean for support, Sean and Caila make their way to Ptolemy, recruiting allies along the way to help them complete their mission, but each time they look into the future, Caila sees a vision showing her that Ptolemy will be reduced to a lifeless cinder if they leave, and Sean receives a warning that Caila will die if they stay.

Can they avoid disaster, or will Caila be forced to sacrifice herself to save an entire world?

Cover Art by Rachel George

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