The Inevitable Singularity Is Now Available!

The cover for The Inevitable Singularity by Molly J. Bragg. The cover features a blue nebula like background with bright clusters of light connected by curving tendrils of dimmer light resembling a neural network. In the foreground there are four women. On the left, there is a woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a martial arts uniform and holding a sword, in the middle there is a woman with red hair and a futuristic rifle wearing blue sci-fi armor, on the right there is a South East Asian woman holding a sword wearing a martial arts uniform. Behind the woman with the rifle, the fourth women is floating in the air, with her arms out to her side. She has long white hair in a braid, red skin, silver eyes, and a scar across her face.

The Inevitable Singularity is now available as a Hardback, Paperback and eBook. Check the book page for purchase links!