The Inevitable Singularity Is Now Available For Preorder

The background is a star field. To the right, is a book cover showing a blue star field with bright spots connected by dim tendrils of light.  There are four women. The one on the left and the one on the right both hold swords. The one in the middle holds a rifle and is wearing sci-fi armor. The last women is floating in the air, arms out to her side. with white hair and red skin.

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The Inevitable Singularity
By Molly J. Bragg
Coming November 21st
From Desert Palm Press

When Caila, a Paladin of the Republic, is sent to mediate a dispute on the planet Ptolemy, her bodyguard Sean goes with her, but it quickly becomes clear something more is going on. With few allies, and only imperfect visions of the future to guide them, they work to prevent a disaster, but as they do, Sean receives a warning that she will have to choose between saving Caila or letting the entire Galaxy burn.

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The Inevitable Singularity eBook is now available for preorder at the links below. Paperback and Hardback editions will be available on November 21st.

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