The Inevitable Singularity Cover Reveal

The cover for The Inevitable Singularity by Molly J. Bragg.  The cover features a blue nebula like background with bright clusters of light connected by curving tendrils of dimmer light resembling a neural network.  In the foreground there are four women.  On the left, there is a woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a martial arts uniform and holding a sword, in the middle there is a woman with red hair and a futuristic rifle wearing blue sci-fi armor, on the right there is a South East Asian woman holding a sword wearing a martial arts uniform.  Behind the woman with the rifle, the fourth women is floating in the air, with her arms out to her side.  She has long white hair in a braid, red skin, silver eyes, and a scar across her face.

I’m extremely happy to share the cover of my next novel, an epic space opera titled The Inevitable Singularity, with you. This beautiful cover is by Rachel George. The Inevitable Singularity will be released as an eBook, Paperback and Hardback on November 21st by Desert Palm Press. Preorders will be available in the next few days.