Scatter: The Elevator Pitch

Much like I did with Mail Order Bride, I want to share as much about my second novel with you, so here is the back cover blurb I wrote for Scatter, which is a fluffy, slightly angsty lesbian time travel superhero romance.

Keep in mind that the book is still in development, and this is far from finished copy, but it will hopefully give you guys an idea of what to expect when the book actually gets published.

When Deputy US Marshal Danielle ‘Danny’ Martin was told she’d gotten a promotion, she expected to be leading her own fugitive retrieval team. Instead, she got transferred to Pontian Florida of all places, and assigned to a Superhero support detail for Focus, a seemingly immortal superhero who is also one of the most famous lesbian icons on the planet.

Bad enough she’s got to spend every day working with work a woman she’s had a crush on since she was five years old, but when she arrives at her new post, things start getting weird. It turns out that Focus asked for her by name, and it quickly becomes apparent that Focus wants to be more than just coworkers, or even friends.

After Focus has a violent reaction to Danny getting hurt in the line of duty, she starts looking into why the Superhero might be so fixated on her. She begins to suspect that seeing the future might be one of Focus’ powers, but when a mission leaves her stranded thirty years in the past, right at the start of Focus’s superhero career, everything becomes clear, except why the Focus in the past can barely seem to tolerate her presence.

I hope this sounds like a good read to you guys, because I have bunch of books I want to write in this world.