Progress Report 07/21/21

So, a lot going on right now.

Mail Order Bride is out on submission to a publisher.  I should here back within 90 days.

Scatter just came back from the editor.  It needs a bit more touch up than Mail Order Bride, but the edits are still fairly minor.

86,635 words on The Master of Puppets.  Probably another 10K to 12K to go.  I just need to finish up the final battle, and then write the ending, while setting up the next book in the series.

Character profiles for Transistor are done.  Basic plot outline is laid down.  I’ll likely start it as soon as The Master of Puppets is finished and the edits on Scatter are done.

After Transistor, things get a bit murky.  I have about 50K words written on Aether, but it needs pretty much a top down rewrite to fix some pretty major issues.  I have about 80K words written on a book tentatively titled ‘The Caster of Shadows’ which needs even more work than Aether.  Both of them are good stories.  I’m just not sure if I want to jump into a major revision project, or come back and try to write the The Soulless God, which sequel to The Master of Puppets, when I’m done with Transistor.

On top of that, I have an idea for a romance novel that’s a sort of fantasy take on 1800’s American.  Basically the idea is that the new world is being colonized by humans and the classic fantasy races like Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Halflings, so they have a heavy presence along the coastal regions, but the interior is filled with humans and other races based as much as possible on Native American/First Nations mythology.  The story would be about a half-elf princess that’s being sent from Fantasy New York to Fantasy San Francisco to marry a human and seal an alliance, but she gets waylaid by assassins along the way, and her guards and escort are killed, but before the assassins can finish a job, a half native sorceress rescues the princess and her ladies in waiting.  The princess begs the sorceress to help her get to Fantasy San Francisco for her wedding, and the sorceress agrees, but instead of taking them along the established transcontinental road, she takes them on a water crossing by canoe to avoid the assassins.  Of course, the princess and the sorceress fall in love along the way, and the princess ends up ditching her would be husband, because this is me.  Also, the ladies in waiting hook up, and there is a shape shifting cat.

Beyond that, I’ve got an idea for a Cyberpunk retelling of Beauty and the Beast, as well as a horror romance novel and a few others.  So, so many ideas.