Not finished, but starting the next one anyway

I needed a bit of a break from The Master of Puppets.  It’s a good book, and I’ll be really proud of it when I’m done, but damn if it isn’t kicking my ass right now.  So, to kind of chill out a bit and get my mind away from the struggle, I spent a good chunk of last night doing character notes and the elevator pitch for the next novel I’ll be working on, titled Transistor.

I’m not quite ready to put the elevator pitch up yet, because plot drift is kind of my curse, but I can give out a little bit of information.  Transistor will be set in the same universe as my first Superhero Romance Novel Scatter, but will follow different characters.  While Scatter is a Superhero novel, it does focus a good bit on Dragons, with what I like to think of as a fun take on Dragon lore in the modern world.  In the same way that Scatter deals with Dragons, Transistor will deal with Angels, Demons, and Nephilim.

The story goeth thusly.

Naomi Woodward is a young trans woman who gets offered the chance to receive an experimental form gender confirmation surgery for free as part of a clinical trial.  The surgery appears to be a resounding success, and after a bit of adjusting to her new body, Naomi works up the confidence to ask out Anika, the beautiful nurse who lives in the apartment across the hall, and who she’s been crushing on for a couple of years.

Things go sidewise when they are attacked during their date.  Naomi discovers that the surgery had side effects, and that Anika wasn’t kidding when she said her family history was complicated.

It turns out that Anika is a Nephilim, the daughter of an angel and a human, and that a rogue angel is out to kill her in order to enforce an ancient law mandating death for any such children.  Armed with superpowers she doesn’t understand or know how to use, with a voice in her head claiming it wants to help, Naomi has to protect Anika as they race across the country in search of help.

I’m excited about this one folks.