Mail Order Bride: The Elevator Pitch

So, I want to start sharing as much as I can with you guys, and the first thing on the list is the back cover blurb I wrote for Mail Order Bride, which is a fluffy queer poly romance with just a touch of angst featuring a lesbian and two agender aliens.

Keep in mind that the book is still in development, and this is far from finished copy, but it will hopefully give you guys an idea of what to expect when the book actually gets published.

Ten years ago, aliens from a Galaxy spanning government called the Hegemony arrived in the Solar system, and ever since, Earth has been on a long, slow journey to becoming a banana republic.  Samantha ‘Sam’ Murray has spent her entire high school career doing everything her mom could think of to earn a chance at an off-world education that would keep her from living a life of poverty.  But with just a few weeks left before graduation there’s no scholarship in sight and Sam has her heart set on getting an apartment with her best friend and crush, Jenny, and maybe finding out of they can be more then just friends.  All of her plans come crashing down when she finds out her mom has signed her up for an arranged marriage on another planet as a way to get her the off-world education she’s sure Sam needs.

Sam arrives on Talamh, a planet ravaged by disaster, expecting to find herself promised to some rich alien prince.  Instead, she finds herself among a species that has no concept of gender, promised to a beautiful alien that makes Sam’s little gay heart skip a beat every time she looks at them.  There’s just one problem.  Orla, the person Sam is promised to, is already in love with their best friend Sorcha. As Orla and Sam’s betrothal moves forward, they find themselves falling in love, but Sam can’t help but worry that Sorcha will come between them.  At least, until she and Sorcha start to develop feelings for each other.

Will desire and jealousy destroy all their futures, or will Sam, Orla and Sorcha find a way to be happy together?

I hope this sounds like something you guys want to read, because I’ve put a ton of work into it, and I can’t wait to share it with you.